BikeWalkKC Earn-a-Bike Evaluation

BWKC Earn-a-BikeIn 2018, Ms. Hoppe worked as part of a team at Children’s Mercy Kansas City to develop and implement an evaluation of BikeWalkKC’s (BWKC’s) Earn-a-Bike project. Earn-a-Bike is an a er school program that teaches youth about bicycle safety and how to take care of a bike. At the end of the program, students who complete it receive a bike of their own. BWKC was funded for this project by the Aetna Foundation.

In her role as ActiveKids Project Director, Ms. Hoppe:

  • drafted methods and a timeline for conducting the evaluation that were reviewed and approved by the Principal Investigator,
  • developed evaluation surveys for students and their parents, engaging the BWKC team in collaboratively identifying what information would be most meaningful for the program,
  • coordinated the Children’s Mercy team and participated in the collection of data at the schools,
  • and analyzed and presented data results to BWKC to inform continued evaluation efforts as the project progressed.

Ms. Hoppe served as a liaison and Children’s Mercy project director during her time with the team, ensuring regular and ongoing communication between organizations to meet the client’s grant deliverables.