Johnson County, KS CHIP Planning

Johnson County KansasIn 2019 CivicPoint Consulting was hired by the Johnson County Department of Health and Environment (JCDHE) to lead the development of a revised framework for developing and implementing the next Community Health Improvement Plan for the county. Additionally, our company prepared guidance for the JCDHE team on conducting community engagement sessions, developing a document with guidance on methods and a working agenda.

CivicPoint Consulting utilized established facilitation and strategic planning tools and methods to lead the process. Tools and methods utilized included:

  • Forces of Change assessment (from MAPP),
  • small group brainstorming,
  • action planning,
  • flip charting,
  • meta-planning,
  • and group review.

Guiding the team through this facilitated process has resulted in:

  • the identification and clarification of roles, responsibilities, and timelines necessary for CHIP planning and implementation,
  • an increase in understanding of the CHIP planning process among the JCDHE team and their stakeholder agencies,
  • and a framework for establishing a shared vision, goals, and outcomes.

Throughout its work with the team, CivicPoint Consulting applied an iterative development and feedback approach, producing drafts of the work to be completed, recapping what had been discussed by email or in person, and requesting review and feedback by the JCDHE team prior to finalization. CivicPoint Consulting communicated regularly and as-needed with the JCDHE to ensure the work was completed to the client’s satisfaction, following a timeline that was developed and outlined in the client agreement and completing work ahead of schedule.