State Public Health Grants Management Tools

At the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, I led a team of 10 staff in the cooperative management and implementation of grants totaling more than $6 million from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, including leading the development of critical tools for accomplishing grant and statewide public health objectives.

This occurred during a time in which the KDHE office I worked with, the Bureau of Health Promotion (BHP), had experienced an unexpected loss in leadership, and the loss of knowledge and expertise that individual took with them. Yet the team still faced ongoing requirements for grant implementation and reporting. I quickly got up-to-speed on all details of the grants and the previous leader’s methods for handling federal requirements. I worked with staff to ensure continuity and delegation of duties, and to identify needs and gaps in current processes that were leading to failure, engaging staff in the development of reasonable and realistic solutions that would lead to greater effectiveness despite being short-staffed. This included a quick look budget tool to track spend down of grant funds and an operational handbook for staff and subgrantees.

I trained staff in the use of these tools and, as a result of these and other team efforts, BHP was able to successfully complete grant requirements and maintain level funding the next grant year.